SINCE 1992
Due Date Reminder
You need a local agency to secure your payments in French Polynesia ? 
Today more than ever with the crisis, the debt collection is a strategic function.

Your customers are very busy and sometimes forget to pay at the due date.

With our solution and our strict surveillance of your terms, we help you to accelerate your collections and to minimize the risk of not payment.

Knowledge and proceeding of the local market to maximize your cash recovery 
Act upon issuance of the invoice to detect as soon as commercial litigation and avoid unpaid
Resetting Old Debt
Win in efficiency on this point allows an immediate return on investment because if the due sums are actually collected, you will realize an exceptional profit.
Cash Recovery
From the due date, our teams take over to improve the payment deadline
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Don't leave your old claims pile up !
Titaura'a Tarahu sends a reminder a procedure of debt collection temporarily abandoned because of incapacity to join the debtor customer or to charge him.

This approach, which is the logical in the cycle of collection's, is established on the perspective of a twist in the drama of this last return in better fortune or person's localization.
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