“Depuis près de 20 ans Titaura'a Tarahu accompagne les entreprises du Fenua”
SINCE 1992
You need a local agency to secure your payments in French Polynesia ? 
Titaura’a Tarahu accompanies them customers in the improvement of their approach.
Our trainings are conceived in partnership, custom-made and directly operational, to allow our customers to win in skill quickly.

Knowledge and proceeding of the local market to maximize your cash recovery 
Act upon issuance of the invoice to detect as soon as commercial litigation and avoid unpaid
To manage effectively the process of in-house collection, we propose trainings personalized, completely adapted to your business sector. Preparation and various phases of the reflation, the management of the delicate phases …
Cash Recovery
From the due date, our teams take over to improve the payment deadline
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Titaura'a Tarahu leans on the expertise of a renowned office to analyze your process of invoicing, the possible revision of your processes of management of the customer post.
We are capable of contributing to the progress of your company by noting the solvency of the debtors and the value of the constituent properties of the real guarantees.

Audit and Training: a guarantee of improvement of the performances

To allow you to optimize your in-house collection, we make a detailed audit of your management of the customer post, we estimate your methods, your tools and your skills.
Our consultants act at the heart of your company to take into account all the specificities of your business. As a result: an improvement of the rate of covering collection.